mercredi 5 février 2014

Délices d'Annie : La langue de bœuf or literally, the Ox Tongue

There is something much to be said about a very underrated part of the cow, which is the beef tongue, and that is that among other things, it is highly delicious.

Colis plats préparés UKIt is such a pity that it is not appreciated as much as other parts of the beef, or as much as le bœuf bourguignon and other dishes and Petits Plats Cuisinés en France.

Personally, I think that the reason for this is because the thought of preparing it scares a lot of people, given its color and connotations. Which is such a shame really as its appearance bellies its great taste and even just the idea of eating it should not be a hindrance to actually eating it. After all, beef or ox tongue is nutritious, meaty, and errr, beefy. It also has great texture and comes with a lot of good vegetebles. Furthemore, Beef tongue is high in fat, which is one of those things you need especially in winter. Fat also gives that great tastes, and in the case of the Ox tongue, almost 75% of its calories are derived from this.

La langue de bœuf in french is literally translated as the Ox Tongue in English. However ox is an old and has very strong foundations and usage in the bible. There is even a old-fashioned, farming expression that pays tribute to the humble strong animal -- work like an ox. But this can also apply to all of us who slave in the kitchen :)

In more recent times however, especially in things pertaining to the kitchen or my plate, beef is usually the culinary term used. Except for the famous oxtail (queue de bœuf) - but I have no idea on why this is one of those exemptions.

Well, we hope that wets your appetite, don't forget to order on of the best la langue de bœuf  by mail and otherwise, from no other than Les Délices d'Annie!

Bon appétit!

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  1. I’ve never tasted it before but my uncle is a great fan of Délices d’Annie, he used to order gourmet products from this brand. Each Sunday we have family dinner and he serves delicious meals such as this one “langue de boeuf”. It is mild and delicate and I like it.

  2. I had the opportunity to travel in France last year and tried to order Beef Bourguignon, everything worked perfectly. Delices d'Annie service was great as well as the quality products. Thanks !